Easter 2015

The reason we can have Hope as followers of Jesus is because of the Easter resurrection. The resurrection is the defining moment of Christianity for all the world to see.  (Mar. 29nd – Apr. 5th, 2015)



Jesus HAS risen! He destroyed death by dying, and came back to life so that we could enjoy everlasting life in the Kingdom of God with Him. Join us as we worship the One who saved us all, asking only that we love Him in return. (Apr. 5th, 2015)



God has never given up on His hope for us. He sent His only son to save us from our worldly sins in hopes that we would all spend eternity with Him and Jesus in the kingdom of God. It is our responsibility to never lose hope, no matter what, so that God will work through us to help others get know know Him and His son Jesus…(Mar. 29th, 2015)